Workshop Matting

<p>Minimise health and safety risks in the workplace by providing workshop matting including anti fatigue mats, rubber mats, PVC mats, non slip matting and ESD mats. </p>

New Matting Products

<p>A selection of new matting, including the latest cutting edge designs and technological inprovements across all industrial matting sectors<br></p><p>Various new anti-fatigue and wet area anti-fatigue mats, as well as safety flooring products.<br></p>

Anti-Fatigue Matting

<p>Standing on cold, hard concrete floors for prolonged periods of time can affect employee well-being and reduce productivity. </p><p>Anti fatigue matting is the perfect solution for alleviating and reducing the physical stress from working in long-term standing environments associated with assembly and production lines.</p>

Wet Area Anti-Fatigue Matting

<p>Standing on hard flooring for prolonged periods of time can affect employee well-being and reduce productivity, while slips and trips are a serious work hazard. </p><p>Wet area anti-fatigue matting provides a comfortable surface for workers to stand on while offering resistance to water and some oils and chemicals to help eliminate slips and trips.</p>

PVC Matting

<p>PVC matting insulates cold floors, fights against worker fatigue and prevents slips, trips and falls in the workplace. With smooth drain holes and a resistance against most oils and solvents, PVC mats are easy to clean preventing the build up of liquids and debris to maintain a safe working environment.</p> <p>Extremely versatile, PVC matting can be used in a multitude of environments including workshops, warehouses, gyms and leisure facilities, factories and educational establishments. </p>

ESD & High Voltage Matting

<p>ESD matting protects workers and equipment from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge that can be a problem in some workplaces that deal with electronic devices such as phones, circuit boards and microchips. Industry tested and available with accessories to enhance performance, our range of ESD matting allows your workforce to perform stress free.</p><p>High Voltage matting is specifically designed for use in front of switchboards and high voltage equipment to protect workers from electric shocks. Tested to industry standards to ensure a high degree of safety, it can also provide slip resistance and comfort for extra protection against accidents.</p>

Rubber Matting & Sheeting

<p>Rubber matting offers great value for money and versatility as it can be used in many types of environments including warehouses, workshops, gyms, heavy traffic walkways and sometimes externally.</p> <p>Rubber mats and sheeting can be used as insulators, in seals and in conjunction with electrical equipment to keep the workplace safe and secure. </p>

Safety Flooring

<p>Anti-slip and safety flooring, stair nosing, treads and tapes improve safety indoors and outdoors. Chair mats and floor protectors protect floors from wear and tear.</p><p> </p>