Grit bins and salt bins - winter maintenance essentials
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Grit bins and salt bins - winter maintenance essentials

Grit bins and salt bins are vital for the effective storage of grit, salt or sand. These are an essential part of winter maintenance, so it is important to think about the location where the bins will be most effective.

While they are most often used in winter, grits bins and salt bins can also be used throughout the year for storing other loose materials such as fertiliser, dry sand, seed, and mulch. They may also be used to store garden tools or outdoor toys.

When choosing a grit or salt bin, consider:
• storage capacity
• ease of storage
• durability
• printing options
• health and safety rules
At CSI Products, we will discuss your needs with you, ensuring you get the right salt or grit bin for you and your business.

Grit bin options

Make sure you choose a grit and salt bin large enough to de-ice or anti-ice the area you need. You don’t want to constantly refill the bins, especially in bad weather. Our grit bins start with the mini grit bin which has a 30 litre capacity, perfect for small applications. They go all the way up to salt bins with a massive 1000 litre capacity for large commercial, industrial or local authority applications.

It is also important that you can store the bin when it is not in use. The efficient and effective handing of the bins must be a consideration when larger numbers are being maintained. If this is a requirement choose stackable grit bins with fork lift channels. The bins also need to be hardwearing to stand up to all forms of weather and wear and tear from metal shovels, spades, trowels or scoops extracting the salt, grit, or sand. Make sure you purchase a grit bin that is going to last several winters, will handle the wear and tear and will still look good. Varying colour options are available for certain models.

Whether it is for health and safety reasons, to prevent theft or stop uncontrolled use, being able to lock the grit bins could be an important feature for you. If you are using the bins to store garden tools or anything else valuable then having a lockable bin is an important consideration.

Finally, it is possible to have bespoke printing on the lid of each grit or salt bin. This could be the name of your council or local authority, the department to which the bin belongs to or the area it should be located at. It may be a number to call if the bin needs re-filled or it could be some advertising if the salt or grit bin sits outside your shop or place of work.
To discuss you options when shopping for grit or salt bins, please call 08082397985
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