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Road Salt and Deicing

Snow and ice control is a fundamental part of winter maintenance. Deicing and snow clearance using road salt and liquid deicers to melt ice or prevent it from forming is the most efficient way to keep businesses operational throughout winter.


Road Salt and Deicing

Salt and brown salt (also called grit) are the core materials in the defence against winter weather. Maintaining a good supply of these is essential for maintaining your home and business premises during the winter months. Choosing which product to use is often a matter of cost, location and aesthetics.

White Salt

White salt is refined, melts ice faster than brown salt, washes away easily and leaves no dirty residue. It is often best applied around entrances to premises where it will not stain floors and to areas that need attention quickly.

Brown Rock Salt or Grit

Brown rock salt or grit is unrefined, cheaper than white salt or liquid based deicers and provides increased traction for pedestrians and vehicles. It is also harder to wash away, making it of use for longer. Regularly applied to car parks, pavements and roads, grit can be used to cover larger areas quickly and cost effectively. You should make sure that the brown rock salt you purchase complies with BS 3247: 1991, so that it has a low moisture content and is the correct size for accurate spreading.

Liquid Deicers

Liquid based deicing products make less mess and are less harmful to the environment than both salt and grit and are also faster acting. They are, however, less cost effective than traditional salt and gritting and therefore best used for quick application on important smaller areas.

CSI supply white salt and brown rock salt in 25kg bags with volume discounts up to pallet and truck loads. All brown rock salt supplied conforms to BS 3247: 1991.
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