Salt and Deicers, which is right for you?
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Salt and Deicers, which is right for you?

Road salt and deicing tools are essential to winter maintenance. That is why it is important to make sure you are well stocked up.
At CSI Products, we supply a range of brown salt, white salt and liquid deicers. Choosing whether to use white salt, brown salt or a liquid based deicer has a number of considerations and can depend on the type of application and where it is being applied.

Advantages of using white salt for de-icing and anti-icing

White salt is best used when an area is to be kept clean and free of dirty salt residues, such as areas near doorways. As it is more refined it is also more effective and faster at melting snow and ice than brown rock salt. White salt is supplied in 25kg bags with a minimum order quantity of 7 bags.

Advantages of using brown rock or road salt

Brown rock or road salt is unrefined and much cheaper than white salt. It is therefore the ideal choice for salting or gritting roads, car parks, large areas of pavement and walkways cost effectively and particularly anywhere the immediate concern of bringing any residue indoors is of less importance. We supply brown salt in pallet quantities of 20, 40, 80, and 120 bags.

Advantages of using liquid based deicers

Liquid anti-icer and deicer techniques are less harmful to the environment than traditional salting and gritting. It is faster to take effect than both white and brown salt.

Just like white road salt, deicing liquid leaves no residue.However it less cost effective.
For all white salt, brown salt and liquid based de-icers there are discounts available when buying in bulk. Call 08082397985for details.
Brown Rock Salt - 25kg Bags

Brown Rock Salt - 25kg Bags
Starting at £124.54
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