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Salt Spreaders

The perfect tools for deicing and removing snow from pavements, pathways, car parks and driveways. Easy to use, reliable and versatile, our salt and grit spreaders can be manually operated, vehicle towed or engine-run for larger jobs.


Salt and Grit Spreaders

The winter months can wreak havoc on households and workplaces with increased hazards and risks to safety as well as potential disruptions to supply chains and operational downtime caused by blocked roads, site access problems and consequent employee absence.

Salt and grit spreaders help to keep your workplace accessible and safe by melting snow and providing traction for pedestrians and cars. They provide an even spread of salt and grit across pathways and driveways and can help you to keep track of how much grit you need for your site.

Our range of salt and grit spreaders includes:

  • Manual salt spreaders these can be hand-held or wheeled for pushing
  • Vehicle towed salt spreaders large capacity spreaders that are vehicle assisted for covering large areas
  • Motorised salt and grit spreaders used to treat large surface areas quickly and efficiently

Using a salt spreader

Using a salt spreader to deal with ice or snow could not be simpler. All you need to do is push the spreader to spread salt or grit over a large area.

If you are using a motorised spreader, you can ride it in much the same way as a ride-on mower. Larger grit spreaders can be towed behind a car.

Salt or grit?

Whatever type of spreader you use, you can choose between salt and grit. Salt is generally more expensive, but it acts very quickly. There is also no residue left when you use salt and it is a highly effective de-icer. Grit is a more cost effective option, but it leaves a grainy residue on the area treated.

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