Social Distancing

As businesses get back to work after lockdown, providing a healthy and safe working environment is essential in the continuing fight against the coronavirus. Our wide range of social distancing products has been carefully selected to help you minimise the spread of infection and keep your workforce safe as they return to work.

Social Distancing Floor Markers

<p>Keep your workplace safe with our range of social distancing floor markers. These floor signs are the perfect solution for communicating and enforcing safe physical distancing at work. </p>

Social Distancing Floor Marker Kits

<p>Communicate physical distancing rules throughout your workplace with our range of social distancing floor marker kits. These floor signage kits are tough and durable making them ideal for high traffic areas. </p>

Social Distancing Mats

<p>Encourage physical distancing and protect your workplace from the spread of infection with our range of social distancing mats. These floor mats are perfect for communicating social distancing practices within shops, retail outlets, warehouses and other commercial premises. </p>

Hygiene Stations

<p>Our hygiene stations are designed to help businesses create a safe and healthy workplace by encouraging good personal hygiene practices to minimise the spread of germs and infections. With static and mobile options available, these hand wash stations are designed to provide employees with easy and convenient access to hand washing facilities to maintain high standards of cleanliness at work. </p>

Social Distancing Desk Screens

<p>Enforcing social distancing protocols can be challenging for some businesses. Our range of social distancing desk screens and protective screens will help you to protect your workforce and minimise their risk from the spread of infections. Ideal for offices, contact centres and open plan environments. </p>

Social Distancing Freestanding Screens

<p>Protect your workforce as they get back to work with our range of social distancing freestanding screens. These freestanding protective screens are designed to minimise exposure to germs and infections in environments where enforcing social distancing rules can be difficult. Ideal for warehouses, factories, retail outlets, pharmacies and other premises where traffic levels are high. </p>

Social Distancing Counter Top Screens

<p>Protect your staff and customers from the spread of infection with our social distancing counter top screens. These counter top protective screens are designed to create safe working environments for a multitude of businesses including banks, post offices, retail shops and other public-facing environments. </p>

Social Distancing Pedestrian Control

<p>Our social distancing pedestrian control products are designed for restricting social and physical interactions at work. They are the perfect solution for managing queuing systems in supermarkets, retail shops, fast food restaurants and other businesses with the need to effectively manage pedestrian traffic levels. </p>

Social Distancing in Schools

<p>Enforcing social distancing in schools is a challenge. Our range of premium quality floor markers can help you to protect staff and pupils from the spread of infection by clearly communicating physical distancing parameters. Ideal for school hallways, classrooms, libraries, canteens and receptions. </p>

Social Distancing Seat Markers

<div>Help maintain social distancing and encourage people not to sit within 2 metres of each other in public places with these Social Distancing Seat Markers. <br></div><div> Ideal for buses, trains, stadiums, restaurants, cafeterias, waiting rooms, schools, airports, conference rooms and many more. <br></div><div>With 4 designs of social distance labels, choose whether to stick the label straight onto the chair or use the plastic disk and cord to tie it around the seat. <br></div><div>These markers will stand the test of time as the labels are highly durable with a strong aggressive adhesive to stop them peeling or lifting.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>