Social Distancing in Schools

<p>Enforcing social distancing in schools is a challenge. Our range of premium quality floor markers can help you to protect staff and pupils from the spread of infection by clearly communicating physical distancing parameters. Ideal for school hallways, classrooms, libraries, canteens and receptions. </p>

Social Distancing Mats for Schools

SKU: CPP21002329

Keep teachers and pupils safe by encouraging social distancing with our school floor mats. Bright and colourful, they are designed to clearly communicate and highlight navigational routes throughout schools. Ideal for use in implementing one-way systems, pupil queue stopping points, and safe routes in school hallways, libraries, canteens, and receptions.

  • Bright and colourful design for visibility
  • Tough and durable, made to withstand busy classroom, hallway and corridor environments
  • Designed to help schools comply with the Covid-19 regulations

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £50.92