Inclined Shelving - Additional Shelf

Inclined Shelving - Additional Shelf

UOM Each

Additional galvanised shelf for inclined shelving installed on a 30 degree incline for increased view and faster access to goods stored. Ideal for euro size containers. 100kg UDL per shelf Each shelf fits 3 x 400mm wide containers

Price £75.45


Inclined Shelving Shelving bays with sloped shelves designed for use with plastic containers. Ideal for use in kanban operations in warehouses, factories and workshops. Ideal for euro size containers Galvanised shelves with 30 degree incline Inclined position of bins allows a better overview and faster access To create a run of shelving simply order a Starter Bay and the correct number of Extension Bays to extend the system to the size required Choose from: Starter Bay - 1850mm(h) x 1358mm(w) x 524mm(d) Extension Bay - 1850mm(h) x 1308mm(w) x 524mm(d) Extra shelves - 1258mm(w) x 570mm(d) Bays supplied with 3 x shelves as standard Shelves are adjustable in 25mm increments Shelf load capacity: 100kgUDL Easy picking as stocked items always move to the picking front Ideal for 3 x 400mm wide containers Supplied knock down for self assembly 2 year guarantee