Ladders & Access

<p>When working at height is unavoidable ladders and access equipment are crucial for creating a safe working environment.</p>


<p>Ladders provide easy and safe access to elevated work areas.</p> <p>Our range of ladders can be used in both commercial and domestic environments.</p>


<p>Stepladders can provide stable access to higher areas when a kickstep or smaller set of steps can’t quite reach. Often suitable for carrying out work at height due to their stability and extra features such as safety chains, platform areas tool trays or side arms, they are frequently manufactured from lightweight but strong metals for easy transportation. <br></p><p>Ideal for inside and outside use.</p>

Mobile & Safety Steps

<p>Safety steps contain built in handrails for greater stability and improved safely for accessing heights such as high shelving. </p> <p>Perfect for warehouse and factory environments.</p>

Access & Work Platforms

<p>Access platforms for efficient working and safe and secure high level maintenance. Ideal for warehouse access and maintenance work.</p> <p>Single and double ended access platforms available.</p>

Folding Steps

<p>Folding steps provide compact and easily transportable access to out of reach areas. Available with features such as tool holders or trays for work efficiency and non-slip treads for safety. <br></p><p> Suitable for use in the home, office, or warehouse.</p>

Office Steps & Kicksteps

<p>Office steps and kicksteps are small ladders used as a ladder alternative for reaching items at high levels in small commercial spaces such as stores, shop floors and stockrooms.</p>

Ladder and Manway Barriers

<p>Ladder and manway barriers prevent unauthorised access to all types of ladders and manways, preventing workplace accidents and helping to enforce health and safety guidelines.</p>