Pallet Trucks

<p>Pallet trucks reduce the time and effort required to transfer of goods from one location to another within a warehouse and distribution centre. Our pallet trucks are designed for Euro and standard size UK pallets.</p>

Hand Pallet Trucks

<p>Hand pallet trucks are efficient and practical for everyday use. They enable operatives to transport pallets throughout the warehouse easily without the aid of a forklift truck or other heavy equipment.</p> <p>Smaller than forklift trucks, hand pallet trucks are perfect for using in tight spaces where forklifts struggle to fit.</p>

Powered Pallet Trucks

<p>Powered pallet trucks rely on mechanical power rather than human manpower. They minimise the effort required to transport heavy loads, reduce associated injuries and improve warehouse efficiency.</p> <p>Ideal for busy environments and frequent pallet handling.</p>

High Lift Pallet Trucks

<p>High lift pallet trucks are designed to lift pallets to comfortable working heights reducing operator fatigue and improving workplace safety.</p> <p>Great for improving efficiency within production assembly lines, packing areas and workshops.</p>

Weighing Pallet Trucks

<p>Weighing pallet trucks offer the same features and functionality of traditional pallet trucks but with a weighing scale built in so operatives can weigh pallets and goods with minimal effort.</p> <p>These pallet trucks with scales save time, reduce labour and reduce forklift traffic by taking the scales to the goods.</p>

Reel Handling Pallet Trucks

<p>Reel handling pallet trucks for safely transporting horizontal loads such as reels and cable drums.</p>