<p>At the heart of every workshop is the all purpose workbench. Freeing up workspace by storing tools and materials in one of our many workbenches leads to a cleaner, tidier and more efficient workplace.</p>

Storage Workbenches

<p>Workshop storage systems combining heavy duty workbenches with a variety of built-in drawers and cupboards to deliver an all-round storage solution that maximises the use of workshop space.</p>

Framework Benches

<p>Robust benches with a superior steel framework, heavy duty worktop and impressive load capacity designed to withstand tough industrial environments.</p> <p>Available with optional under bench storage including roller bearing drawers, suspended drawer cabinets, lockable cupboards and accessory kits with lights, shelves and a selection of panels. </p>

Cantilever Workbenches

<p>Workshop benches with a cantilever design and height adjustable feet to allow maximum leg room and comfortable use. Choose from a range of extras including louvred back panels and under-bench drawer sets for increased storage capabilities, as well as flourescent lighting and power supply shelves to benefit application. <br></p><p>Ideal for use in assembly, production and light engineering settings and easy to customise to requirements. </p>

Budget Workbenches

<p>High quality workbenches without the heavy price tag. Designed to endure heavy duty industrial use, these budget workbenches offer the durability and strength expected of a heavy duty workbench at a fraction of the cost.</p>

Modular Workbenches

<p>Modular workbenches play a vital role in improving workplace efficiency, productivity and profitability as they can be customised to suit tasks being performed rather than adapting tasks around the workshop equipment.</p><p>They incorporate a variety of optional extras including cabinets, drawers, shelving and panels to make better use of the available workspace and keep worktops uncluttered.</p>

Height Adjustable Workbenches

<p>Height adjustable workbenches of various types, including; heavy duty, modular, and ESD workbenches. Ideal for providing comfortable and adaptable work stations in engineering workshops, assembly workshops, warehouses, and factories. Available with a range of worktop styles and accessories to suit requirements. </p>

Stainless Steel Workbenches

<p>Workbenches manufactured from food quality grade 304 stainless steel, making them perfectly suited for use in food preparation, healthcare and other environments where hygiene is a priority. <br></p><p>A choice of optional extras including drawers and cabinets for extra storage and electric power points for increased application make them simple to adapt to requirements. </p>

Mobile Workbenches

<p>Mobile workbenches can increase efficiency and performance in workshops and warehouses by allowing staff more freedom of movement and letting the work area be transported to where it is needed. <br></p><p>With a strong welded steel construction and a variety of storage options, these workbenches run on fixed and swivel braked castors and feature a push handle to aid in manoeuvrability. </p>