Office & Retail Trolleys

<p>Manually handling activities can be repetitive and hazardous. Using trolleys in the workplace to move heavy loads can relieve some of the physical stresses employees face and reduce their workloads. </p>

Office Trolleys

<p>Office trolleys are versatile and practical. They can be used for a variety of uses from filing and delivering mail to transporting office supplies and stationary.</p>

Mailroom & Parcel Trolleys

<p>Mailroom and parcel trolleys are multi purpose trolleys designed for distributing post, parcels and medical records. Suitable of most office and medical environments.</p> <p>Choose from manual mail trolleys, parcel carts and platform trolleys to electric powered mail trolleys and compartmental sorting units.</p>

Retail Trolleys

<p>Retail shopping trolleys for retail outlets and supermarkets. Designed for typically transporting merchandise throughout stores and car parks.</p>