Drum IBC & Cylinder Storage

<p>Businesses have a responsibility to safely store oil drums and gas cylinders, protecting the environment and employees from potential pollution and exposure. Providing suitable storage and spill control through the use of bunded racks, spill pallets, IBCs, absorbent pads, stands and cages can help prevent and limit leakages, spills and accidents.</p>

Spill Pallets

<p>Spill pallets contain drum spillages preventing hazardous liquids from affecting the environment and causing workplace accidents.</p>

Gas Cylinder Stands

<p>Cylinder stands for safely storing gas cylinders in the in the workplace. </p>

Drum & IBC Storage

<p>Drum and IBC storage designed for storing drums, plastic canisters and other containers in the workplace.</p>

Spill Control & Cleanup

<p>Spill control and cleanup products help businesses to act in the event of workplace spillages. </p> <p>Our spillage control products help to minimise and reduce the effects of spills on employees, the environment and the workplace.</p>

Spill Berms and Containment

<p>Spill berms and emergency spill control help contain liquid spills from drums and IBCs. Ceiling leak diverters are easily installed to redirect roof and pipe leaks.</p>

Oily Waste Cans

<p>Tough and durable cans for the safe disposal, storage, transportation and dispensing of hazardous oils, corrosives, flammables and solvents. </p><p>All FM approved with a 10 year guarantee.</p>