Warehouse Safety

<p>Warehouses can be dangerous places. Manage potential risks by ensuing your business has the right warehouse safety equipment in place to prevent accidents from occurring.</p>

Mobile & Safety Steps

<p>Safety steps provide warehouse operatives with safe and easy access to goods and materials within the warehouse environment.</p><p>Equipped with handrails and side rails, non-slip surfaces and hand level locking bars, warehouse safety steps and access platforms offer increased stability for reaching goods stored on high shelving systems.</p>

Access Platforms

<p>Access platforms provide safe and secure high level access for employees required to work at height.</p> <p>A safer alternative to ladders and steps, these access platforms are ideal for carrying out repairs, maintenance, installations and warehouse picking.</p>

Safety Barriers

<p>Warehouse safety barriers protect pedestrians and racking from forklifts, delivery vehicles, warehouse machinery and falling stock.</p>

Impact Protection

<p>High visiblity foam impact protectors for installing on and around walls, edges and structures that could be vulnerable to impact from forklift trucks, lorries and other goods vehicles. <br><br>Available with self-adhesive or magnetic backing, or as a push to fit option, as well as in various shapes and sizes to suit requirements.<br></p>

Safety Flooring

<p>A range of anti-slip tapes, treads, stair nosing, and matting that provide extra traction and grip when installed on pedestrian traffic routes. </p><p><br></p><p>Available in a wide variety of forms and sizes, these anti-slip products are ideal for improving health and safety in nearly any working environment, from offices to building sites.</p>