Pallet Rack Accessories

<p>Enhance warehouse racking systems with our selection of pallet racking accessories.</p> <p>From pallet rack protectors, handrail netting, mesh decks and dividers to pallet support bars and anti collapse systems, our complete range of rack accessories ensures operational safety and warehouse efficiency.</p>

Separation Bars

SKU: Separation Bars

Horizontal metal bars that are fixed to the rear beam of the racking bay to act as dividers and separate different vertically stored stock items.

Unit of Measure: Each
Wooden Decking

SKU: Wooden Decking

Wooden panels that rest on racking beams to allow the storage of small stock items and provide support for undersized or weakened pallets.

Unit of Measure: Each
Pallet Gate

SKU: Pallet Gate

Pallet gates allow heavy and large materials to be deposited onto a raised platform or walkway by forklift trucks.

Unit of Measure: Each
Loop Dividers

SKU: Loop Dividers

Loop dividers act as dividers for racking to create smaller sections within the racking when storing larger materials such as windscreens, doors and car hoods.

Unit of Measure: Each
Locking Pins

SKU: Locking Pins

An essential safety feature for racking systems, locking pins protect against the unintentional uplift of rack beams by forklift trucks or other handling equipment, keeping them locked in place.

Unit of Measure: Each
Levelling Plates

SKU: Levelling Plates

Foot plates are applied to the bottom of uprights to adjust the height and to distribute the overall load evenly.

Unit of Measure: Each
Half Pallet Inserts - Welded

SKU: Half Pallet Inserts - Welded

Designed to allow racking systems to store smaller pallets and provide support for damaged or weakened pallets.

Unit of Measure: Each
Half Pallet Inserts

SKU: Half Pallet Inserts

Designed to allow smaller pallets to be stored and provide support for damaged or weakened pallets within racking systems.

Unit of Measure: Each
Grating Modules

SKU: Grating Modules

Placed across pallet racking beams to function as a shelf, grating modules offer a heavier duty alternative to other decking accessories.

Unit of Measure: Each
Fork Spacer Bars

SKU: Fork Spacer Bars

Bars that act as elevated supports for flat (usually unpalletised) loads allowing them to be loaded and unloaded using a forklift truck

Unit of Measure: Each
Drip Trays

SKU: Drip Trays

Galvanised drip trays to catch any liquid leaking from goods stored within racking.

Unit of Measure: Each
Pallet Support Bars

SKU: CPP21000064

Support bars for use between beams to provide extra support to undersized, damaged or heavy pallets.

  • Choose from 2 sizes
  • Length: 900mm or 1100mm

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £35.51
Pull Out Units

SKU: CPP21000065

Dexion floor or beam mounted pull-out units allow increased access to goods stored within a racking system.

  • Can be installed as floor or beam mounted units
  • Supplied with appropriate fixing kit and required accessories - please call for details
  • 4 types available to suit Chep & Euro Pallets

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £374.07
Steel Shelf Panels

SKU: CPP21000066

Dexion Steel Shelf Panels are placed on rack beams to create a heavy duty shelf within the racking system for hand loading. Suitable for both P90 and MK3 racking systems, they have a pre-galvanised finish and can support up to 140kg UDL.

  • Choose from 2 sizes
  • Width: 530mm
  • Length: 900mm or 1100mm
  • 140kg UDL
  • Upper edge is 10mm above the beam
  • Not suitable for supporting pallets
  • Additional sizes available on request - please call for details

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Price: £80.15
    Mesh Decking

    SKU: CPP21000067

    Simply drops into place over beams to function as a shelf within racking systems, allowing storage of smaller items and providing support for damaged, weakened or non-standard pallets.

    • Acts as a shelf within pallet racking
    • Available in 2 sizes:
      • 1324mm x 900mm - 1134kg UDL
      • 1324mm x 1100mm - 1000kg UDL
    • Allow free flow of air making them ideal for cold stores and suitable for use with sprinkler systems
    Just order as many mesh decks as you require for your system.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Price: £48.17
    Load Dispatcher

    SKU: Load Dispatcher

    A floor channel that is used to distribute the overall frame load of racking when point loads under rack uprights are too high for flooring.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Barrel Support or Chock

    SKU: Barrel Support or Chock

    Provides additional storage capabilities for oil drums and barrels within racking.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Chipboard Shelf Panels

    SKU: Chipboard Shelf Panels

    Chipboard shelving can be positioned across pallet racking beams to provide a loading area for manual operations. They can also be used as light-duty tunnel guards.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Post Pallet Channels

    SKU: Post Pallet Channels

    Channels that fit across front and back beams in racking to provide a storage surface for skid pallets and stillages.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Coil or Drum Holder

    SKU: Coil or Drum Holder

    Provide support across the entire frame depth to allow the storage of smaller barrels, cable drums and coils of wire that could not otherwise be stored within racking.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Shelf Dividers

    SKU: Shelf Dividers Partitioning

    Dividers to make smaller sections for more organised storage of smaller items.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Spool or Reel Carrier

    SKU: Spool or Reel Carrier

    Spool or reel carrier that fixes to the front and rear uprights with a supporting axle to store large cable reels and allow cables to be dispensed from the racking for cutting or application.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Load Notices

    SKU: Load Notices

    Rack or shelving mountable signage to provide information on the storage equipment for the user.

    Unit of Measure: Each
    Horizontal Back Stops

    SKU: Horizontal Back Stops

    Provide protection against pallets dropping off the back of racking by attaching to uprights at the rear and acting as a back stop.

    Unit of Measure: Each