Pallet Cages and Boxes

<p>Pallet boxes and cages help businesses optimise their distribution, logistics, warehouse and materials handling processes. </p>

Pallet Cages

<p>Pallet cages form a protective and secure cage around goods stored on a pallet, and can benefit businesses by allowing them to store smaller items on pallets, while also offering extra security for stored materials.<br></p> <p>Pallet and stillage cages are available in many different types and sizes, with some being stackable or collapsible to save storage space.<br></p>

Pallet Boxes

<p>Pallet boxes can be used to store small to medium sized goods on pallet racking, or allow them to be easily moved by a forklift truck.</p><p>Box pallets are ideal for use in warehouses and distribution centres as they allow all goods to be treated as pallet storage.</p>

Folding Pallet Boxes

<p>Foldable pallet boxes provide space saving storage for small to medium sized goods in the form of pallet storage.<br></p> <p>They are collapsible when not in use, making them ideal for use when space is limited.</p>

Steel Pallets

<p>Steel pallets provide heavy duty storage and transport capabilities for warehouse, stockrooms, factories, and workshops.</p><p>Available as mesh stillages, bar stillages, post stillages, or box stillages they are available in various sizes to suit requirements.</p>