Containers, Boxes and Distribution

<p>High quality, affordable plastic, metal and cardboard storage containers for commercial and industrial use. The perfect storage solution for bulk handling and distribution.</p>

Euro Containers

<p>Industrial stacking containers in standard sizes used throughout the manufacturing and distribution industries.<br></p> <p>Easy to fit and stack onto a standard Euro pallet, Euro containers provide versatile, organised and easily transportable storage for all manner of materials.<br></p>

Stacking Containers

<p>Stacking containers are essential for warehousing and distribution as they help businesses to make optimum use of available storage space.</p> <p>These stackable storage boxes are reusable, weather resistant and stable.</p>

Folding Containers

<p>Folding containers are lightweight, reusable and offer up to 80% space saving in stackable, folded and open states.</p> <p>Manufactured from recyclable polypropylene, these folding crates come in a range of interstacking sizes.</p>

Distribution Containers

<p>Distribution containers for storing and protecting good within busy warehouse and distribution environments.</p> <p>Durable and hard wearing, these multi purpose containers are available in a variety of sizes and depths. Lid and non-lid options also available.</p>

Transparent Plastic Storage Boxes

<p>Lightweight and durable plastic storage boxes made of transparent plastic for easy identification of contents. Ideal for a wide range of storage uses. </p> <p>Various sizes and lid options available to choose from.</p>

Food Grade Containers

<p>Food grade containers are suitable for storing, handling and transporting food, ingredients and waste.</p> <p>Our plastic food containers are available in a variety of models, sizes and colours to suit a range of industries. </p>

Metal Containers

<p>Metal containers are heavy duty storage containers suitable for engineering and manufacturing industries.</p> <p>Available in a range of sizes and with a galvanised finish as standard. <br></p>

Transit Cases

<p>Lightweight aluminium transit containers suitable for the transportation and storage of valuable and delicate items.</p> <p>These transit cases, with their aluminium body and stainless steel hinges, are complete rust free.</p>