External Premises & Street Furniture

<p>Make the most out of your outdoor space by investing in street furniture, external storage and outdoor equipment such as cycle shelters, smoking shelters, generators, and portable stores.</p>

Bike Shelters & Storage

<p>Bike Shelters and Racks are crucial components of bike-friendly infrastructures, supporting sustainable transportation and enhancing the convenience and security of cycling for work and leisure. Our bike shelters and bike racks come in various designs, caterings to different aesthetics and functional requirements. They are perfect for businesses and organisations looking to provide commuters, students, employees, residents, shoppers, and recreational cyclists with secure and convenient bike parking.</p>

Cigarette Bins

<p>Outside cigarette bins are attractive outdoor ashtrays designed for efficient smoking litter management keeping cycle shelters and other smoking areas free from ash and cigarette butts.</p>

Smoking Shelters

<p>Smoking shelters provide employee smokers with a dedicated smoking area helping businesses to promote a smoke free workplace environment and comply with current legislation.</p>

Portable Stores

Portable Stores are supplied flat-packed and are easily assembled and disassembled. The units are modular and can be locked securely. They are ideal for construction or building sites or for creating storage and working space when carrying out repairs or refurbishment. Chemical stores with an integrated sump and ventilation for the safe storage of hazardous materials are also available. <br>