Pressure Washers

<p>Pressure washers offer efficient and highly effective cleaning with minimum effort over conventional cleaning methods. Using a pressure washer is also more friendly for the environment.</p> <p>Perfect for cleaning outdoor surfaces such as building exteriors, pavements and car parks.</p>

Karcher 70/15 Sweeper

SKU: 15171510

The Karcher 70/15 Sweeper is a manual push sweeper designed for quickly and efficiently cleaning paths, halls, and warehouses. It sweeps 7 x faster tha a convensional broom. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Overall size: 1040mm(h) x 810mm(w) x 1300mm(l)
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Power: 240v
  • Working Width: 480mm, 700mm (with 1 side brush)
  • Tank Capacity: 42 Litres

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £459.20
Karcher KM70/30 Sweeper

SKU: 15172130

Floor sweeper with additional electrically powered main roller brush and side brush for easier use and increased performance. Easy to empty hopper and folds flat for space-saving storage.

  • Overall size: 1150mm(h) x 710mm(w) x 1240mm(l)
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Working Width: 480mm, with 1 side brush: 700mm
  • Tank Capacity: 42 Litres

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £2,016.11
Karcher HDS 5/11 UX Pressure Washer

SKU: 10649030

The Karcher Hds 5/11 UX Pressure Washer is a compact pressure washer ideal for light to medium-duty cleaning tasks. It features a user-friendly design and is easy to transport and store thanks to its innovative upright design, large wheels, and integrated hose reel.

  • Overall size: 1160mm(h) x 620mm(w) x 620mm(l)
  • Weight: 70kg
  • High pressure hose reel: 15 metre
  • Power: 240v
  • Motor: 2200W
  • Max Pressure: 110bar
  • Water flow: 550 l/h
  • Heats water to 80 degrees C


Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £1,720.40