Sack Trucks

<p>Sack trucks are very beneficial for moving heavy goods from one location to another in an easy way. Ideal for most businesses and industries.</p>

Budget Sack Trucks

<p>High quality sack trucks to suit every budget, big on performance low on price. Designed to take the strain out of handling heavy goods.</p>

Sack Trucks

<p>Sack trucks take the strain out of handling and lifting heavy loads. </p> <p>Versatile and malleable, sack trucks can be used in a variety of environments including retail outlets, warehouses and workshops, mailrooms and general office environments. </p>

Folding Sack Trucks

<p>Sack trucks that quickly and easily fold away when not being used, allowing easy storage or transportation in confined spaces, making them ideal for use in delivery operations or schools and offices. <br></p><p>Available as heavy duty for increased loads, lightweight aluminium construction for easier carrying, and rough terrain for outside use. </p>

Heavy Duty Sack Trucks

<p>High load capacity sack trucks for transporting heavy or bulky goods safely and easily. <br></p><p>Hard wearing and reliable, heavy duty sack trucks can increase the efficiency of your operation by reducing the number of journeys needed to transfer goods. </p>

Aluminium Sack Trucks

<p>Aluminium sack trucks are lightweight and strong, providing easy and safe movement of materials in different environments. <br></p><p>Simply choose the design that best suits the application. </p>

Two and Three Way Trucks

<p>Two way sack trucks can quickly convert from a normal sack truck to a platform or cargo truck, while three way trucks can also convert to a four wheeled sack truck for extra stability. <br></p><p>The increased application can not only increase efficiency in operations, but also save the cost of extra equipment. </p>

Folding Box Trucks

<p>Folding flat for easy carrying and storage, these trucks can be used to transport a variety of items around the workplace, from tools and small parts in warehouses or workshops, to files and documents in offices. </p>


<p>Stairclimbers are designed to safely transport heavy and awkward loads up and down stairs with minimal manual effort required.</p> <p>Simple and effective, stair climbers limit damage to products and premises and reduce the risk of personal injuries.</p>

Furniture Movers

<p>Furniture movers are designed to safely move and transport furniture and other heavy bulky items.</p> <p>Safe and easy to operate, our manual furniture movers are robust, stable and reliable.</p>