<p>Top quality, value for money shelving to maximise storage space in retail stores, factories, stockrooms, warehouses and offices.</p>

Budget Shelving

<p>Our range of budget shelving is designed to enhance and organise your space without exceeding your budget. Our commitment to quality ensures that these budget shelving units are built to last, providing reliable affordable storage solutions for the long term.</p><p>From cheap shelving units to budget-friendly industrial shelving, we have the perfect solution for all your organisational needs.</p>

Dexion Longspan Shelving

<p> Easily assembled and available in a range of depths to suit the items stored, Dexion Longspan shelving provides fully adaptable storage for large, bulky or long goods.</p> <p> Suitable for use in offices or warehouses, the heavy duty system allows maximum storage within any available space.</p>

Dexion HI280 Shelving

<p> A heavy duty and highly durable storage solution capable of a huge number of applications, the HI280 shelving system can provide for all your small part handing needs.</p> <p> Quick and easy to install, the system has a huge range of accessories, making it completely adaptable to requirements.</p>

Hygienic Shelving

<p>Hygienic shelving is ideal for hygiene controlled areas such as food preparation and processing factories, hospitals and clinics and other clean, cold, wet and sterile environments.</p>

Warehouse Shelving

<p>Shelving for industrial and commercial warehouses, strong, easy to build, simple to reconfigure, completely customisable, and effortless to expand. </p> <p>Ideal for use in domestic settings as well as garages and storerooms, or commercial offices and facilities.</p>

Plastic Bin Shelving

<p>Container and bin shelving simplifies the order picking process in commercial stockrooms, warehouses and factories.</p> <p>Available in a variety of styles and sizes, including shelving container kits, single or double bay shelving, bin units and pick shelving.</p>

Metal Shelving

<p>Durable metal shelving suitable for small parts storage, distribution and warehouse areas, archive and production areas.</p>

Construction Systems

<p>Construction systems offer simple, versatile and strong materials for building customised frameworks for bespoke projects. Popular with manufacturing companies, set builders and industrial engineers looking for non-standard constructs or frameworks designed to unique specifications.</p>

Kanban Shelving and Roller Tracks

<p>Roller tracks can be installed on shelving, equipment or floors to provide a quicker and easier way of transporting goods and materials around warehouses, stockrooms, factories and workshops. </p><p>Available in a range of types and sizes to suit requirements, the tracks can also aid in logistical operations if installed on shelving to aid in kanban operations for easier stock management.</p><p>Kanban shelving is used in warehouses and stockrooms to provide easy access to materials for increased efficiency in picking operations. </p><p>Materials are stored on inclined shelves to allow easy viewing and better access.</p>

Metal Bin Shelving

<p>Ideal for bulk storage and item picking, metal bin shelving provides heavy duty parts storage for warehouses and workshops. <br></p><p> Encompassing a range of configurations to suit operational requirements, including tilted rack storage for easy component viewing and high density systems for increased capacity, all of the systems can be easily extended as needed.</p>

Garment Hanging

<p>Hanging garment storage is perfect for retail stockrooms, warehouse garment storage, outlet stores and commercial dry cleaners.</p> <p>Welded for strength and suplied ready to use, choose from single bar, double bar or heavy duty garment hanging bays depending on your requirements.</p>

Ship Shelving

<p>Ship shelving is designed to prevent stored items moving around in rough conditions within marine environments. A series of reinforced accessories such as fixed beams are secured to the front of shelves to stop goods from falling out. A range of locked drawers for small component storage is also available.</p><p><br></p><p>For security, Ship Shelving is mounted into the fixtures of vessels and is also available with closed, lockable doors for safe storage.</p><p><br></p><p>Marine shelving is used by NATO in fleet &amp; war vessels and across the oil and gas industry on oil rigs and supply vessels.</p><p><br></p><p><em>Please contact our sales team on </em><strong><em>0800 083 0953</em></strong><em> or via our </em><strong><em>live chat</em></strong><em> for more details.</em></p>