Container Trucks

<p>Container trucks are plastic containers with wheels that can be easily moved as and when required.</p> <p>More commonly used by bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants to clear away empty bottles, they can also be used in commercial and industrial environments.</p>

Bottle Skips

<p>Bottle skips are mobile storage units commonly used for storing empty bottles or other recyclable waste. <br></p><p>All units are tapered for easy and space saving storage, ideal for pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. </p>

Food Grade Container Trucks

<p>Food grade container trucks for the mobile storage of a range of goods, recycling or waste products around the workplace. <br></p><p>Choose from tapered units for space saving storage, hygienic, easy clean models, as well as coloured units to help with organising storage or waste collection. </p>

Hygienic Container Trucks

<p>Hygienic container trucks are easily cleaned mobile storage units that can be used to transport goods and materials around the workplace. <br></p><p>There are heavy duty models for bulky items, lightweight and stackable models for easy moving and storage, as well as models with lids to add security and protection for goods. </p>