Facilities Management

<p>Facilities management is an essential business function that needs to be planned, managed and maintained efficiently. Having the correct facilities management equipment in place can help businesses manage costs, increase revenue and manage the daily business operations.</p>

Waste Management

<p>Most businesses generate some form of waste during their day-to-day operations. Waste management solutions such as wheelie bins, recycling bins and litter bins help businesses to collect, transport, process and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.</p>

External Premises & Street Furniture

<p>Make the most out of your outdoor space by investing in street furniture, external storage and outdoor equipment such as cycle shelters, smoking shelters, generators, and portable stores.</p>

Traffic Management

<p>Traffic management in the workplace is essential. Warehouses and factory environments can be dangerous with delivery trucks, forklifts other warehouse equipment coming and going frequently. Access must be controlled and managed effectively.</p>

Lockers & Changing Room

<p>Lockers, benches and other changing room equipment are designed to maximise storage, seating and changing space for all industries including commercial businesses, schools, government authorities and leisure facilities.</p>

Severe Weather

<p>Severe weather can hit at anytime, advance preparation can save a lot of time and money. Protect your business from severe weather with our selection of flood protection and winter maintenance products. </p><p><br></p>

Ladders & Access

<p>When working at height is unavoidable ladders and access equipment are crucial for creating a safe working environment.</p>

Drum IBC & Cylinder Storage

<p>Businesses have a responsibility to safely store oil drums and gas cylinders, protecting the environment and employees from potential pollution and exposure. Providing suitable storage and spill control through the use of bunded racks, spill pallets, IBCs, absorbent pads, stands and cages can help prevent and limit leakages, spills and accidents.</p>

Hazardous Storage

<p>Storing hazardous substances and materials safely is vital to protecting employees and visitors from accidental exposure. Our selection of hazardous storage cupboards, cabinets, bins and vaults will help businesses keep substances such as flammable liquids, chemicals, acids, pesticides and paints safe and secure.</p>


<p>Cleaning is an essential part of every business and organisation from commercial and industrial properties to hospitals and schools. Maintaining a clean and tidy workplace is not only visually appealing it can dramatically reduce sickness levels and limit accidents. </p>


<p>Workplace security is essential for businesses. Implementing security measures not only keeps employees safe and secure it can help to restrict unauthorised access and prevent internal and external theft. </p>

Health and Safety

<p>All employees and visitors are entitled to have their health and safety protected during day-to-day business operations. Our range of safety equipment can help businesses guarantee a safe working environment for all. </p>

Safety Signs

<p>Safety signs in the workplace are an essential part of a business&#39; health and safety management. Not only do they heighten awareness of potential workplace hazards they are also a mandatory legal requirement.</p>