COBAswitch - BS EN:61111 - 3mm - 1m x 2m - Class 0

COBAswitch - BS EN:61111 - 3mm - 1m x 2m - Class 0

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COBAswitch mats made from EPDM rubber that conform to the most recent international safety standard - BS EN 61111:2009, with fine fluted ribbed pattern surface for slip resistance. Specifically designed switchboard matting for use in front of high voltage equipment. Choose from 2 sizes Length: 1000mm, or 2000mm Width: 1000mm Class 0 voltage rating Thickness: 3mm Colour: Black Tested to 10,000 volts for 1000 volt working voltage

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COBAswitch Mats - BS EN:61111 - 3mm - Class 0 Specialist electrical insulating matting that protects operatives from electric shocks and conforms to BS EN 61111:2009. Rubber matting designed specifically for use in front of switchbaords amd other areas that deal with high voltage equipment. EPDM rubber matting with fine fluted surface ribs that conforms to the most recent internationally recognised saftey standard IEC 61111:2009 / BS EN 61111:2009 Colour coded on reverse side to clearly identify the working voltage classification (Class 0) Class 0 rating to insulate against working voltage of 1000 volts, and withstand up to 10,000 volts Ribbed surface helps to provide firmer footing, reducing the risk of slips while improving standing comfort Resistant to acid and oil at low temperatures UV resistant Suitable for dry indoor environments Choose from 2 sizes: 1000mm(w) x 1000mm(l) 1000mm(w) x 2000mm(l) Material: EPDM rubber Surface finish: Fine fluted ribs Thickness: 3mm Colour: Black Working voltage usage: 1000 volts Max withstand voltage: 10,000 volts Installation method: Loose lay Operating temperature: -30°C to +80°C Cleaning method: Hose down or pressure wash using mild detergent