Pedestrian Barriers

<p>Pedestrian barriers are essential for managing the flow pedestrian traffic and restricting unauthorised access in secure areas. From rope barriers, belt barriers, posts and chains, CSI have everything you need to create an effective pedestrian traffic control system.</p><p> </p>

Prestige Rope Barriers

<p>Prestige Rope Barriers are the ideal solution for controlling pedestrian access, managing crowd control and cordoning off unauthorised areas. </p> <p>Rope barriers are commonly used by banks, conference and exhibition centres, museums and event management companies.</p>

Belt Barriers

<p>Belt barriers provide excellent crowd control capabilities for a range of venues including airports, banks, supermarket check outs, post offices and hotels.</p> <p>From wall mounted retractable barriers, standard belt barriers to heavy duty stainless steel barriers and deluxe belt barriers, we have belt barrier solutions to suit all requirements.</p>

Plastic Posts and Chains

<p>Plastic posts and chains offer flexible and versatile crowd control for a variety of venues including nightclubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, banks and conference centres.</p> <p>All our posts and chains are compact, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre for quick and efficient assembly. </p>