Lifting Equipment

Hoists and Clamps

<p>Hoists and clamps are versatile and flexible heavy item lifting and maneuvering aids suitable for use in factories, warehouses, workshops and stores. </p> <p> High quality, with robust steel construction, each hoist, clamp or beam trolley is issued with its own certification and is CE marked and plated.</p>

Ratchet Straps

<p>Ratchet straps are used to secure loads in transit on lorries, trucks, trailers, in warehouses. Available in various lengths and widths and in a number of styles including endless ratchet straps and claw hooks.</p> <p> All ratchet straps are manufactured to BS EN 12195-2:2001. </p>


Slings are very versatile, for all your lifting needs and available as duplex web slings and round slings. They come in different lengths with various load capacities and can be used for securing goods to cranes, fork lift trucks etc.