Workshop Trolleys

<p>Workshop trolleys enable businesses to keep tools and equipment organised, accessible and secure. A structured and well managed workshop saves time, money and increases workshop efficiency and productivity.</p>

Workshop Trolleys

<p>Adjustable workshop trolleys can be adapted and tailored to suit individual needs. </p> <p>Offering versatility and flexibility, these trolleys can be used in a range of commercial and industrial environments including workshops, offices, warehouses, production lines and hospitals. </p>

Plastic Multipurpose Trolleys

<p>Ideal for workshops, maintenance departments, storerooms, warehouses, and the electronic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, plastic multipurpose trolleys are easy to clean, durable and capable of heavy duty application. <br></p><p>Made from a non conductive polyethylene that will not pass an electric current, they are also resistant to battery acids, solvents and cleaning solutions. </p>

PCB Trolleys

<p>PCB trolleys are printed circuit board handing solutions designed to provide greater protection for PCB boards and increase efficiency within production environments.</p> <p>Manufactured by leading brands including Metro.</p>