Table Top, Shelf & Tray

<p>Table top, shelf and tray trolleys are strong and easy to handle - perfect for moving materials from one location to another. These multi purpose trolleys can be used in many environments including offices, retail stores, canteens, hospitals, mail and packaging outlets and warehouses.</p><p>Choose from 2, 3 and 4 tier trolleys models.</p>

Shelf Trolleys

<p>Shelf trolleys, including hygienic and easy clean, strong polyethylene and long shelved trolleys for moving just about anything around the workplace. <br></p><p>With different features, shelf configurations and applications, they can be used in warehouses, offices, shop floors, canteens, hospitals and mail and packaging rooms. </p>

Tray Trolleys

<p>Tray trolleys provide a secure way of moving bulky, unstable or fragile items around the workplace. <br></p><p> Available in a number of finishes and configurations to suit the environment or application, including deep tray, easy clean and heavy duty. </p>

Coloured Plastic Trolleys

<p>Coloured service shelf trolleys available with different shelf configurations and ideal for use in offices, schools and hospitals. <br></p><p>These trolleys can help to co-ordinate materials to be moved and are resistant to most substances. </p>

Reversible Tray & Shelf Trolleys

<p>Reversible tray and shelf trolleys offer increased application, allowing security and stability for, or ease of access to materials as needed. <br></p><p>These can save you the cost of multiple shelf and tray trolleys as well as space! </p>