Small Parts Storage and Picking

<p>Efficient small parts storage combining stylish industrial design with practicability. Affordable storage solutions designed to ease planning, maximise flexibility and make optimum use of space.</p>

Barton Bins

<p>Barton storage bins are perfect for creating an effective, organised and customised small parts storage system. <br></p><p>Stackable, durable and versatile with colour, size, divider and labeling options, they can be used with louvre panels, cabinets and shelving or positioned on bench to store spare parts, tools and components. <br></p><p>Resistant to most industrial solvents and with an easy to clean surface finish, they are ideal for use in warehouses, workshops, factories, garages and vans.</p>

Dexion Maxi Bins

<p>Dexion maxi bins are extremely versatile as they can be stacked on top of each other providing desk or assembly bench storage system and hung from louvered panels. </p> <p>The perfect small parts storage system for warehouses, workshops, store facilities, vans and offices.</p>

Shelf Bins

<p>Shelf bins are the perfect storage solution for organising and storing small parts. </p> <p>Our space saving plastic storage bins are extremely flexible helping warehouses and workshops to maximise available space.</p>

Louvred Panels

<p>Parts bins and louvred panels are excellent for storing small parts in warehouses, workshops, store facilities, vans and offices in an organised manner.</p> <p>Choose from complete bin kits or from a range of individually priced components. </p>

Polypropylene Parts Bins

<p>Maximise available storage space with polypropylene parts bins. Designed from twin wall fluted polypropylene for durability and strength.</p> <p>Oil, grease and moisture resistant, these plastic part bins are supplied flat packed to save on space but are very easy to assemble when required.</p>

Cardboard Parts Bins

<p>Maximise available storage space with cardboard storage boxes. Designed from heavy duty cardboard for durability and strength.</p> <p>These cardboard part bins are supplied flat packed to save on space but are very easy to assemble.</p>

Bin Racks

<p>Louvred panel racks for hanging bins provide visible and accessible small parts storage for production, storage and workshop areas.<br></p> <p>Available as single or double sided racks in various sizes with different configurations of hanging bins to suit organisational needs.<br></p>

Bin Trolleys

<p>Bin trolleys provide mobile storage for parts and components giving employees the flexibility to move freely throughout the workshop improving operational efficiency and productivity.</p>

Bin and Drawer Cabinets

<p>Bin and drawer cabinets offering effective and on-hand small parts storage for use in workshops, maintenance and production and storage areas.<br></p> <p>Can be used for on-desk storage, wall mounted, as trolleys or with turntables to provide high-density but accessible component storage.<br></p>

Steel Bin And Drawer Cabinets

<p>Bin and drawer cabinets of strong steel construction for organising and storing small parts and components for easy picking in industrial environments</p> <p>Available with different configurations and sizes of compartments and drawers to suit nearly any requirments.</p>

ESD Component Storage

<p>ESD component storage for safely storing small to medium sized static sensitive components.</p> <p>Commonly used by the electronics and telecommunications industries.</p>

Tray Rack Storage

<p>Tray rack storage is a heavy duty small parts storage system designed for a range of industries including workshops, office and educational establishments.</p> <p>All tray racks are supplied pre-assembled for immediate use.</p>

Visible and Tilt Bin Storage

<p>Visible and tilt bin storage systems offers increased product visibility and gives easier access to components within a workshop/warehouse environment.</p> <p>Various models and options available to suit every requirement including complete storage kits to individual compartments.</p>

Bin Cupboards

<p>Great value, pre-assembled bin cupboards for efficient small parts storage across all industries.</p> <p>Available with different configurations of hanging bins and adjustable shelves to perfectly suit various storage requirements.<br></p>

Small Parts Carry Cases

<p>Small parts carry cases are ideal for compact and mobile storage, organisation and transport of small parts and components such as screws, nuts and washers. The compartments can be clipped onto a belt for quick and easy access. Ideal for garages, warehouses and on the road.</p>