<p>Cleaning is an essential part of every business and organisation from commercial and industrial properties to hospitals and schools. Maintaining a clean and tidy workplace is not only visually appealing it can dramatically reduce sickness levels and limit accidents. </p>

Vacuum Cleaners

<p>Vacuum cleaners may be indispensible for removing dirt, debris and dust but unlike your typical vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaners can also pick up liquids offer more depending on the type and model. </p>

Floor Scrubbers

<p>Floor scrubbers are versatile floor cleaning machines that cleans, increases the lifespan and improves the visual appeal of floors.</p>

Janitorial Trolleys & Signs

<p>Janitorial trolleys and signs are convenient and easy to use.</p> <p>Custodial staff can efficiently transport cleaning supplies and equipment throughout environments including offices, hospitals , hotels, schools, universities, colleges and residential care homes.</p>

Pressure Washers

<p>Pressure washers offer efficient and highly effective cleaning with minimum effort over conventional cleaning methods. Using a pressure washer is also more friendly for the environment.</p> <p>Perfect for cleaning outdoor surfaces such as building exteriors, pavements and car parks.</p>