Winter Maintenance

<p>Winter maintenance is vital for day-to-day operations and workplace safety. Be prepared for all winter weather - stock up on snow clearing equipment and ice melting products to keep your business operational during the winter months.</p>

Salt Spreaders

<p>The perfect tools for deicing and removing snow from pavements, pathways, car parks and driveways. Easy to use, reliable and versatile, our salt and grit spreaders can be manually operated, vehicle towed or engine-run for larger jobs.</p>

Salt and Grit Bins

<p>Salt bins and grit bins provide a safe weather proof solution for storing salt and grit when not in use, providing quick and easy access when required.</p>

Road Salt and Deicing

<p>Snow and ice control is a fundamental part of winter maintenance. Deicing and snow clearance using road salt and liquid deicers to melt ice or prevent it from forming is the most efficient way to keep businesses operational throughout winter. </p>

Snow Shovels and Scoops

<p>Snow shovels and snow scoops are effective hand powered snow clearing equipment for keeping roads and surfaces passable during winter.</p> <p>Choose from folding snow shovels, ice breakers, long handled shovels and snow scoops.</p>

Snow Pushers and Rotators

<p>Snow pushers, rotators and ploughs are manual snow tools designed to quickly and efficiently clear snow from car parks, roads, pavements and walkways.</p> <p>They can save time and effort when compared to snow shovels and scoops, with less time spent on repeated action and more snow cleared with each use.</p>

Fork Lift Snow Ploughs

<p>During the winter months snow plough attachments can be used to temporarily convert forklift trucks into powerful snow clearing machines.</p> <p>Forklift snow ploughs are invaluable for clearing snow from roads and car parks. Choose from a selection of different widths and models. </p>