Health and Safety

<p>All employees and visitors are entitled to have their health and safety protected during day-to-day business operations. Our range of safety equipment can help businesses guarantee a safe working environment for all. </p>

First Aid

<p>Accidents or illnesses can occur unexpectedly at any time. Businesses have a responsibility to ensure that they have appropriate first aid arrangements in place so that employees and visitors can be treated immediately saving lives and preventing serious injuries.</p>

Fire Safety

<p>Fire safety equipment designed to help you manage fire safety in the workplace. </p> <p>Choose from fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire alarms, fire blankets, carbon monoxide alarms, fire buckets and fire log books. </p>


<p>Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps to keep employees safe in all types of working conditions.</p> <p>Choose from our selection of ear protection and respiratory protective equipment.</p>