Hazardous Storage

<p>Storing hazardous substances and materials safely is vital to protecting employees and visitors from accidental exposure. Our selection of hazardous storage cupboards, cabinets, bins and vaults will help businesses keep substances such as flammable liquids, chemicals, acids, pesticides and paints safe and secure.</p>

Hazardous Storage Cupboards

<p>Hazardous storage cupboards and bins securely lock away substances that could pose a risk to health, increasing safety and aiding compliance with relevant Health and Safety legislation .</p> <p>All models feature strong construction for protection and longevity, are highly visible and are supplied with clear warning labels.</p>

Acid and Alkali Storage

<p>Storage cabinets that provide safe and secure storage for acids and alkalis, minimising the risk to employee health and the environment.</p> <p>Our cabinets feature adjustable shelves, built-in sumps for collecting spillage, appropriate warning signs on every model and a white polyester powder coating that is impervious to most acids and alkalis.</p>

Agrochemical and Pesticide Storage

<p>Pesticide Storage Cabinets and Agrochemical Storage Cabinets available in various sizes and configurations for the safe and secure storage of agricultural pesticides and chemicals that are regulated by CoSHH.</p><p>All include sumps, adjustable shelves, louvre vents and relevant warning labels.</p>

Flammable Storage

<p>Flammable storage cabinets, chests, cages and units offer a fire proof storage solution for volatile or highly combustible substances minimising their risk to premises or vehicles in transit.</p><p>Robustly manufactured for protection, supplied with appropriate labels for identification of contents and fitted with integral sumps for spill control.<br></p>

COSHH Storage Cabinets

<p>COSHH storage cabinets offer the seperate, safe and secure storage of hazardous substances and materials as demanded by CoSHH regulations. </p> <p>Options include free-standing floor cupboards, wall mounted cupboards, mobile cupboards and floor stands for raising units above the ground to prevent floor contamination or providing easier access.</p>

Chemical Storage Vaults

<p>Chemical storage vaults are designed to provide safe, secure and high capacity storage of hazardous or volatile chemical substances both in and out of doors.</p> <p>The units are all welded to conform to A.P.E.A. construction requirements and provide a half hour protection from collapse and the passage of flame.</p>