Flood Protection

<p>Flood protection products help businesses and residents protect buildings from potential flood water during periods of heavy rain.</p> <p>Choose from sandbags, hydrosacks, hydrosnakes, toilet WC Pan Seals, air brick covers and flood barriers.</p>

Sandbags and Hydrosacks

<p>Sandbags and Hydrosacks can be your first line of defence in the case of a flood. <br></p><p>These should be placed at every door, window and airbrick in your property to hold back flood water and protect your property.</p>

Flood Gates and Stanchions

<p>Flood gates and stanchions are an effective method of flood protection. They are quick and easy to install, do not require permanent fitting and effectively hold back flood water. <br></p><p>A single flood gate can fit most doors, while the stanchion system allows several flood gates to be fitted together. This can then create a single, continuous barrier. </p>

Flood Barriers

<p>Flood barriers can be deployed quickly and easily, and can be used to protect a driveway, garage door or entire building from flooding. </p>

Home Flood Protection

<p>Domestic building and plumbing accessories to protect your home from flooding, including products to prepare your home for potential flooding, as well as products to use when flooding has started. </p>

Water Extraction and Clean Up

<p>Recovering from a flood involves a lot of work. Not only do you have to deal with your insurance company, but you have to carry out extensive clean up work. <br></p><p>Water extraction and clean up equipment can make the clean up operation quicker and easier.</p>