Snow Pushers and Rotators

<p>Snow pushers, rotators and ploughs are manual snow tools designed to quickly and efficiently clear snow from car parks, roads, pavements and walkways.</p> <p>They can save time and effort when compared to snow shovels and scoops, with less time spent on repeated action and more snow cleared with each use.</p>

Snow Clearer


Snow Clearer for the fast and efficient removal of snow from paths and walkways in domestic and commercial environments. Made from heavy duty plastic and suitable for use on walkways, driveways, car parks and pavements.

  • Clearer width: 570mm
  • Handle length: 1230mm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Snow spout direction: right

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £59.00
Snow Plough


This Snow Plough is perfect for clearing snow from driveways, walkways and car parks, making it safe for pedestrian and vehicular access. Easy to build, with a steel frame and extendable foam handle for comfortable use. Suitable for use on rough terrain.

  • Handle height: 1300 - 1400mm
  • Blade size: 320mm(h) x 660mm(w)
  • Weight: 4kg

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £69.10
Snoblade Hand Push Plough


Snoblade hand pushed plough wioth bi-directional blade for quickly and effectively clearing areas of snow. Lightweight and easy to use snow clearing tool for use at home or in the workplace.

  • Angled blade
  • Blade can be switch/flipped to push snow to other side/angle

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £99.96