Waste Management

<p>Most businesses generate some form of waste during their day-to-day operations. Waste management solutions such as wheelie bins, recycling bins and litter bins help businesses to collect, transport, process and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.</p>

Wheelie Bins

<p>Wheelie bins are waste containers designed for conveniently collecting and temporarily storing waste materials in domestic and commercial environments. </p> <p>Available in a selection of colours and sizes.</p>

Commercial Wheelie Bins

<p>Robust and with a high capacity, commercial wheelie bins are well-suited for use in industrial and commercial environments. Commercial wheelie bins are particularly tough, durable and resistant to the elements.</p><p>Available sizes include 360l bins, 660l bins, 770l bins and 1100l bins. A range of colours is available including blue, green, grey, red and yellow.</p>

Clinical Waste Bins

<p>Clinical waste bins are suitable for safely disposing of medical waste from hospitals, surgeries, veterinary practices and dentists. All bright yellow clinical waste bins conform to the UN Clinical Standard; they are fully sealed, lockable and resistant to chemicals, fungi and bacteria. </p> <p>A range of different sizes is available including 90l bins, 140l bins, 240l bins, 360l bins, 660l bins, 770l bins and 1100l bins.</p>


<p>Recycling helps businesses to save money, reduce waste and protect the environment.</p><p>Our recycling products, including wheelie bins, recycling bins and recycling signs are designed to aid businesses recycling efforts.</p>

Litter Bins

<p>Litter bins are used to conveniently collect and temporarily store waste materials in public and commercial environments prior to collection by authorised waste disposals companies.</p> <p>Ideal for outside use.</p>

Sack Holders

<p>Refuse sack holders and refuse sacks for the economic and organised collection of waste in public or commercial premises. <br><br>Available as wall mounted and pedal operated steel or plastic construction sack holders to suit the location, all to help you keep your facilities clean and tidy and encourage the responsible disposal of waste.</p>


<p>Rack Sacks, Trolley Sacks and Rollcage Sacks provide a convenient point of waste disposal in warehouses and industrial settings. They come with a range of designs for different types of waste in a number of colours.</p>

Waste Paper & Pedal Bins

<p>High quality, durable waste paper bins and pedal bins for commercial, industrial and office use.</p> <p>Many different types of waste bins available for all requirements including small pedal bins, mobile pedal bins, wall mounted swing lid bins plus much more. </p>