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Small Parts Storage and Picking

Efficient small parts storage combining stylish industrial design with practicability. Affordable storage solutions designed to ease planning, maximise flexibility and make optimum use of space.


Small Parts Storage and Picking Solutions

We offer a wide range of small parts storage solutions that are ideal for commercial and industrial environments including workshops, warehouses, garages, offices and vans. Create a custom small parts storage system that makes organising parts, components and tools clear and easy. In addition, our solutions for parts and components storage help you optimise available storage space. Several colours are available for most products and labels allow for a clear organisation and identification of small parts.

Parts Bins

Bins for small parts storage are made from durable plastic and come in several colours for easy distinction. Parts bins are stackable to create compact small parts storage units or can be used in cabinets or cupboards, on louvred panels, bin racks or bin trolleys for larger units. Some bins can also be nested in each other for space-saving storage when not in use.

Bin and Drawer Cabinets

Our range includes storage bins in various sizes which can accommodate parts of all sizes. At CSI Products, you can find bin and drawer cabinets, which are ideal for on-hand small parts storage in workshops, maintenance and storage areas. Cabinets can be wall-mounted, used on desks or used as trolleys or turntables for high-density storage.

Bin Cupboards

Bin cupboards are ideal for efficient and secure small parts storage. Cupboards are customisable with bins of different sizes to create a perfect solution for storing small parts. They can be locked to prevent unauthorised access and to ensure secure storage in public areas.

Louvred Panels and Bin Racks

Louvred Panels allow you to create custom storage areas by attaching bins in the required sizes to the panels. They can be wall-mounted or attached to work stations. Bin racks are free-standing and are ideal for hanging bins on either one or both sides.

Bin Trolleys

Trolleys for small parts storage provide mobile storage for parts and components, giving workers the flexibility to move freely throughout the workspace with parts and tools never more than a step away for a more efficient workflow. This makes our bin trolleys ideal for offices or workshops where parts are frequently relocated.

ESD Component Storage

ESD component storage is designed to safely store static sensitive components and is ideal for workplaces in the electronics and telecommunications industries.

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