Packaging Tools and Materials

<p>Packaging tools and materials are extremely useful for aiding operatives in the efficient packing and storage of products and palletised goods.</p>

Impulse Heat Sealers

<p>Time saving impulse heat sealers for sealing most sealable materials including polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. All our heat sealers are reliable and very easy to use.</p> <p>Ideally suited for wholesalers, distributors, factories, retail outlets, offices, caterers and laboratories.</p>

Packaging Shredders

<p>Packaging shredders condense materials such as paper, cardboard, pallets and plastic into useful packaging materials saving time and money.</p>

Shrink and Stretch Wrapping

<p>Shrink wrapping involves applying a polymer plastic film that shrinks fitting tightly to an object when heat is applied.  Stretch wrapping can be used to secure loose or slack materials on pallets using its sticky qualities and wrapping round the objects tightly.</p> <p> We offer all types of shrink and stretch wrap equipment including shrink or stretch wrap film available in a variety of thicknesses and strengths, shrink wrap machines, hot melt, glue and shrink guns, shrink wrap and stretch wrap dispenser tools and pallet covers.</p>


<p>Strapping can be used to secure product packaging, bind items together for shipping, reinforce and strengthen packaging and to secure loads onto pallets.</p> <p>Our strapping equipment includes polypropylene strapping in an assortment of colours and weights, strapping dispensers, safety cutting shears, crimping seals and strapping machines.</p>