Bott Workshop

<p>CSI is an official UK distributor of BOTT workplace storage solutions which offers professional efficiency, affordable quality, tried and tested, flexible space efficient storage solutions for a variety of environments.</p>

Hygiene Stations

<p>Our hygiene stations are designed to help businesses create a safe and healthy workplace by encouraging good personal hygiene practices to minimise the spread of germs and infections. With static and mobile options available, these hand wash stations are designed to provide employees with easy and convenient access to hand washing facilities to maintain high standards of cleanliness at work. </p>


<p>The BOTT Cubio range of workplace storage equipment is heavy duty and ergonicially designed making it suitable for the most demanding workplace environments. This effective and efficient industrial storage solution offers many benefits, from good housekeeping to health and safety compliance. A superior storage range, the BOTT cubio storage equipment can be configured to meet every business need and can be adapted over time.</p>


<p>The Bott Verso range of workplace storage equipment offers superior quality and excellent value. Strong, durable and fit for purpose. the Bott Verso storage system is a modular range that can be modified and adapted to meet ongoing business needs as companies grow.</p>


<p>The Bott Perfo System is a flexible and efficient storage system for small parts, tools and equipment. A unique, adaptable space saving storage solution, the Perfo range is a versatile system that can be easily integrated with storage cupboards, wall cupboards and benches from the Cubio and Verso ranges to create impressive storage solututions for small parts and components.</p>


<p>The CNC Storage System provides the ultimate protection for high value CNC Machining tools, parts and components. Designed to improve overall workflow efficiency whilst minimising the risk from damage, theft and loss, the BOTT&#39;s CNC machine tool storage system is a flexible storage solution that combines maximum security with effortless efficiency.</p>


<p>Keeping the workplace clean and tidy is essential for workplace productivity. The BOTT facilities storage range has been developed to help business control and manage these essential daily tasks.</p>

Industrial Seating

<p>The Bott range of industrial seating have been ergonomically designed for comfort and productivity and to meet the rigorous requirements of industrial environments.</p>

Transport Cases & Tool Chests

<p>BOTT transport cases and tool chests offer storage on the move for a range of workplace tools and equipment. Designed for durability and sustainability, t<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); color: rgb(68, 68, 68);">hese industrial storage cases and chests are the</span> ideal solution for storing tools and equipment in garages, factories, workshops and building sites.</p>