<p>CSI are the largest distributor and installer of Dexion Racking and Shelving systems in the UK. Our specialist team are on hand to design, supply and install everything required for your project.</p>

Dexion Shelving

<p>Dexion shelving systems can provide comprehensive storage solutions for small part handling no matter the situation or requirements. The wide selection of shelving types on offer, including everything from simple budget or economy shelving to high specification industrial or corporate shelving, allow you to find the system that exactly matches your needs. </p><p> </p>

Rack Protection

<p>Pallet racking damage and consequent potential collapses can be serious matters causing the loss of stock, work stoppages, logistical problems and serious injury to staff. Protecting your pallet racking system can not only save the sometimes costly and time consuming task of repair or replacement, but also vastly increase the safety of your operation.</p><p> </p>

Pallet Rack Accessories

<p>With the right accessories you can adapt every pallet racking system perfectly to fit your particular needs. Explore our selection of Dexion pallet racking accessories below.</p><p><br></p>

Dexion Small Parts Storage

<p>Providing simple, adaptable and comprehensive storage for all your smaller items or parts, Dexion Maxi Bins can be used individually, integrate into existing storage systems and be stacked on top of one another or combine with accessories to create unique small item storage areas. <br><br>Perfect for warehouses, workshops, store rooms, vans and offices. </p>

Dexion Construction Systems

<p>Dexion Construction Systems provide the materials and method for you to build your own bespoke structures, allowing you to tailor solutions to match your individual needs. </p>