<p>CSI are a UK distributor of world leading Metro shelving and storage solutions. From retail and materials handing to healthcare and foodservice, Metro storage systems help businesses to optimise storage, improve productivity and increase profitability. </p>

Polymer Shelving

<p>Polymer shelving is a unique shelving system offering durability, flexibility and hygienically optimised storage</p> <p>Completely interchangeable, this polymer shelving can be adapted to suit most uses.</p>

Wire Shelving

<p>Wire shelving offers prolonged durability and easy clean surfaces for maintaining high levels of hygiene.</p> <p>Wire shelving also minimises dust collection, allows free air circulation and increases product visibility.</p> <p>Ideal for healthcare, commercial, and food preparation sectors where hygiene is important.</p>

Stainless Steel Shelving

<p>Our stainless steel shelving is durable and corrosion resistant making it ideal for tough conditions such as walk in freezers and cold rooms.</p>


<p>Trolleys are versatile, flexible and suitable for a variety of transport uses. They are cleanable, durable and user friendly for easy use.</p> <p>Choose from polymer trolleys, wire chrome trolleys and solid stainless steel trolleys.</p>

Dunnage Racks

<p>Polymer dunnage racks are ideal for storing items off the floor and keeping them easily accessible by hand.<br><br>Tough, durable and easy to clean, they are perfect for use in the healthcare or food service industries.<br></p>


<p>Metro carts, laboratory trolleys and workcentres allow materials and equipment to be stored, accessed and transported with ease. Designed with adaptability and hygiene in mind, metro healthcare solutions can be tailored to requirements to ensure the best possible solution.</p>

Retail & Display Shelving

<p>Our retail and display shelving solutions are designed to attract and engage customers and increase the visual appeal of merchandise.</p>

Cold Store and Freezer Shelving

<p>Cold Store and Freezer Shelving is ideal for keeping meat, butchery products, frozen foods and produce, deli and dairy products, beers, wines and spirits chilled in a range of foodservice environments.</p> <p>Choose from polymer shelving, solid stainless steel shelving and wire shelving.</p>

Laboratory and Clean Room

<p>Laboratory and clean room solutions are hygienic, easy to clean and extremely durable for heavy duty use.</p>

PCB Handling

<p>PCB storage and handling solutions is beneficial for the safe and efficient handling of materials during the PCB assembly process.</p>

Metromax Q Hygienic Polymer Shelving - 1590mm(h) x 610mm(d)

SKU: CPP21000015

Metromax Q polymer shelving bays with Microban antimicrobial protection for long lasting and hygienic storage of materials. Easily cleaned, smooth, removable and adjustable polymer grid shelves make the system ideal for use in healthcare and food catering industries.

  • Choose from 5 sizes of bay
  • Each bay supplied with 4 x shelves
  • Bay load capacity: 907kg
  • Shelf load capacities: 363kg (610mm to 1220mm) or 275kg (1370mm or longer)
  • Shelves adjustable in 25mm increments
  • Accessories and different configurations available - please call for details

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £544.10
Chrome Wire Shelving - 1895mm(h) x 610mm(d)

SKU: CPP21000018

Super Erecta Wire Shelving with chrome finish, adjustable shelves and open construction. Open wire design allows stored items to breathe, minimised dust accumulation and increased access to and visibility of contents.

  • Choose from 5 bay sizes
  • Pre-configured 4 x shelf bays
  • Shelves adjustable at 25mm increments
  • Bay load capacity: 900kg
  • Shelf load capacity: 350kg UDL

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £338.17