<p>Investing in the right office furniture and storage systems is central to creating an efficient and productive workplace. As a leading UK supplier of office furniture and shelving solutions we have the experience and expertise to help you find the best solution for your needs.</p>

Sit and Stand Desks and Matting

<p>Promote staff and employee health in the office with sit and stand desk converters to improve posture and anti-fatigue mats for comfort.</p>

Presentation Equipment

<p>When it comes to increasing sales, good advertising and marketing is essential. Create a lasting impression for customers with our selection of presentation equipment designed to display important information in an attractive and professional manner.</p>

Entrance Matting

<p>Entrance matting not only looks good and minimises transferable dirt from outside it can also aid health and safety in the workplace by preventing slips, trips and falls.</p>

Office Furniture

<p>No business can function effectively without the right office furniture. CSI offer professional office furniture guaranteed to maximise space and improve workplace efficiency, staff morale and productivity.</p>

Coat and Garment Rails

<p>Keep your office tidy and organised with a choice of coat racks, stands and garment rails, from space saving nesting rails to medium and heavy duty rails for high usage. <br></p><p>Suitable for use in cloakrooms or open office environments. </p>


<p>For some businesses the mailroom is an integral part of the business. CSI offer a variety of mailroom equipment that will improve the productivity of any business by ensuring the efficient processing of incoming and outgoing mail.</p>

Office Safety

<p>Office safety equipment is vital for maintaining a safe environment for employees and visitors. Choose from our selection of office safety equipment to prevent accidents and reduce work related illness in the your workplace.</p>

Pedestrian Barriers

<p>Pedestrian barriers are essential for managing the flow pedestrian traffic and restricting unauthorised access in secure areas. From rope barriers, belt barriers, posts and chains, CSI have everything you need to create an effective pedestrian traffic control system.</p><p> </p>