Platform Trolleys & Trucks

<p>Platform trolleys and trucks lighten the load of transporting heavy loads from one location to another. By eliminating the need for manual handing, trucks and trolleys reduce injury risks, save time and eases workloads.</p>

Plywood Platform Trolleys

<p>Plywood platform trolleys come in a variety of configurations to assist in the transportation of heavy loads. <br></p><p> Available open, or as one, two, three and four plywood sided or bar sided models, they are suitable for use in warehouses, workshops, factories, offices and shop floors. </p>

Galvanised Platform Trolleys

<p>Coming in a variety of different configurations, galvanised platform trolleys aid in the moving of heavier loads. <br></p><p>Suitable for use in workshops, warehouses, shop floors and factories, they are available as open, or one, two, three and four mesh sided or bar sided models. </p>

Folding Platform Trolleys

<p>Folding platform trolleys can be packed away compactly for easy storage when not in use – massive space saver!</p>

Phenolic Platform Trolleys

<p>Assisting in the transportation of heavy loads and materials as well as being waterproof and weatherproof, phenolic platform trolleys are especially suited for outdoor use. </p><p>Choose from open, or one, two, three and four sided phenolic and mesh sided or bar sided models.</p>

Table Top, Shelf & Tray

<p>Table top, shelf and tray trolleys are strong and easy to handle - perfect for moving materials from one location to another. These multi purpose trolleys can be used in many environments including offices, retail stores, canteens, hospitals, mail and packaging outlets and warehouses.</p><p>Choose from 2, 3 and 4 tier trolleys models.</p>

Veneer Platform Trolleys

<p>Platform trolleys with a quality veneer finish to aid in the transportation of heavy loads in offices, workshops, warehouses, factories and shop floors. <br></p><p>Choose from open, or one, two, three and four sided models with each easily manoeuvrable on two fixed and two swivel braked heavy duty castors.</p>

Platform Trucks & Tugs

<p>Flatbed hand trucks and platform trucks make it safer and easier for operatives to move heavy objects and materials.</p> <p>Designed to withstand heavy duty commercial use, these trolleys and tugs are suitable for multiple environments including warehouses, factories, farms and local authorities. </p>

Convertible Trolleys

<p>Three and five way convertible trolleys can assist in the transportation of a variety of different goods. <br></p><p>Simple to adjust and capable of a number of different applications.</p>

Powered Platform Trucks

<p>Powered Platform Trucks are motorised platform trolleys designed to transport heavy goods and materials around the workplace. They boost productivity and minimise the strain on employees by providing an effortless solution to maneuvering heavy loads. Ideal for use in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings where there is a need to move heavy loads around frequently. </p>