Home Flood Protection

<p>Domestic building and plumbing accessories to protect your home from flooding, including products to prepare your home for potential flooding, as well as products to use when flooding has started. </p>

Smart Air Bricks

SKU: CPP21000050

The SMART Airbrick is a highly effective flood prevention product designed to stop flood water from seeping into buildings. The perfect flood proof alternative to the standard airbrick.

  • Permanatly fitted flood solution
  • Allows unrestricted airflow in normal conditions
  • Automatic device that uses flotation valve to block passage of water under flood conditions

Unit of Measure: Each
Flood Guard Drain Sealers

SKU: CPP21000054

Flood guard drain sealer for installation in plugs and drains to prevent any back-flow of water during flooding or blocked sewers. Simple to fit and easy to maintain.

  • Choose from 2 models to suit different pipe sizes
  • Allows normal water flow
  • When pipe becomes blocked the float will rise to the top to block off the plug or drain
  • For use in vertical pipes

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £29.20
Flexible Drain or Toilet Plug

SKU: CPP21000055

Flexible drain or toilet plug for plugging toilets, drains and pipes to stop overflows when flooding takes place or plumbing becomes blocked. Durable and simple to install.

  • Choose from 3 models to suit different pipe sizes
  • Long feed hose fitted with schrader valve to release pressure
  • Can be inflated with standard bicycle pump

Unit of Measure: Each
Price: £52.67