<p>This effective and efficient industrial storage solution has many benefits, from good housekeeping to health and safety compliance. The BOTT cubio range is a superior storage range with solutions to meet every business need.</p>

Cubio Drawer Cabinets

<p>Optimise storage efficiency in the workplace by investing in the Cubio drawer cabinet range from BOTT. Choose from a variety widths, depths, heights and drawer configurations. </p>

Cubio Workbenches

<p>Dynamic and durable, the BOTT Cubio benches offer exceptional storage efficiency and all-round functionality.</p>

Cubio Mobile Cabinets

<p>The BOTT range of Cubio Mobile Cabinets and Maintenance Trolleys include all the superior features of the static Cubio models with the added benefit of castors for convenient workplace mobility.</p>

Cubio Cupboards

<p>Workshop cupboards are essential for keeping busy work environments neat, tidy and organised. BOTT Cubio workshop cupboards provide suitable high quality, professional storage solutions for every workplace environment. </p>