<p>Organising and efficiently managing small parts, tools and components in the workplace can be a challenge. The BOTT Perfo system offers unique, adaptable space saving storage solutions that keep tools, small parts and consumables neat and tidy in the workplace.</p>

Perfo & Combination Panels

<p>BOTT Perfo and combination panel offer advanced storage solutions for tools, parts and small components.</p>

Perfo Overlays

<p>BOTT overlays are self adhesive tool shapes designed to help users easily identify tool storage positions and be quickly alerted to missing tools.</p>

Perfo Accessories

<p>BOTT Perfo accessories can be used to adapt and optimise Perfo installations to individual business requirements.</p>

Panel & Hook Kits

<p>BOTT Perfo panel and hook kits are supplied in easy order kits for using independently or to expand the storage capabilities of the BOTT range.</p>

Freestanding & Mobile Perfo Racks

<p>BOTT freestanding and mobile Perfo racks provide high capacity storage for hand tools that can be easily positioned at point of use.</p>

Louvre Panels

<p>BOTT Perfo louvre panels maximise space usage in the workplace as they offer easy access storage for small parts and components. </p>

Louvre Panel Kits with Bins

<p>BOTT louvre panel and bin kits come in easy to order kits complete with a selection of plastic storage bins and louvre panels </p>

Plastic Hook on Bins

<p>BOTT plastic bins are designed for using with Perfo and louvre panels for keeping small parts and components neat and tidy in the workplace.</p>

Freestanding & Mobile Louvre Panel Racks

<p>BOTT freestanding and mobile louvre panel racks provide high capacity storage for small parts and components that can be easily positioned at point of use.</p>

Heavy Duty Panel Trolleys

<p>BOTT Perfo Heavy Duty Panel Trolleys provide flexible storage in spaces where using wall mounted panelling is not an option. </p>

Wall Cupboards

<p>BOTT Perfo wall cupboards are efficient and organised storage cupboards when floor space is limited.</p><p> </p>

Panel & Bin Cupboards

<p>An organised and efficient workplace improves employee productivity. Keep small parts and components to close hand with the BOTT panel and bin storage cupboards.</p>

Small Parts Storage

<p>BOTT Perfo tilt boxes are an efficient small parts storage solution. They are perfect for neatly organising and storing small components including screws, nuts and bolts. </p> <p>Available in a variety of sizes and configurations.</p>