<p>The Bott Verso range of workplace storage equipment offers superior quality and excellent value. Strong, durable and fit for purpose. the Bott Verso storage system is a modular range that can be modified and adapted to meet ongoing business needs as companies grow.</p>

Verso Drawer Cabinets

<p>BOTT Verso drawer cabinets offer affordable quality, advanced functionality and ergonomic design at a lower price point than the Cubio range of drawer cabinets.</p>

Verso Workbenches

<p>Productivity and efficiency in the workplace is a key concern for all businesses. Flexible and versatile, the BOTT Verso workbenches are designed to meet the demands of most busy businesses. With a choice of framework benches, storage benches, pedestal benches, welded benches, cantilever benches and ergonomic workstations, the Bott Verso bench system offers a solution for every need. </p>

Verso Mobile Cabinets

<p>Bott Verso mobile storage cabinets offer the same advanced features of the static cabinet range with the addition of castor for smooth mobility.</p>

Verso Cupboards

<p>Adequate storage space in the workplace is essential for operational efficiency. All Bott Verso cupboards feature a heavy duty construction, with a range of configurations available to suit a vast array of storage requirements. The Verso cupboard range has been developed to cater to evolving business needs as processes, tools and materials become more complex.</p>

Verso Modular Storage Systems

<p>Bott Verso Modular Storage Systems provide everything you need for a streamlined and organised workplace. These pre-configured storage kits combine and integrate cabinets, drawers, shelves, and worktops to create a single, unified storage solution. Suitable for workshops, garages, and other industrial settings where efficient organisation and storage is essential to the success of your business.</p>