Trucks and Trolleys

<p>Prolonged heavy lifting and manual handling can lead to injury. By investing in manual handing aids such as trucks and trolleys businesses can minimise risk and increase productivity.</p>

Plastic Shelf Trolleys

<p>Plastic shelf service trolleys made of durable plastic for the easy, lightweight and secure transportation of materials in the workplace.</p><p>Available with Free Rapid 2-3 Day Delivery and Competitively Priced offering you great savings.</p>

Pallet Trucks

<p>Pallet trucks reduce the time and effort required to transfer of goods from one location to another within a warehouse and distribution centre. Our pallet trucks are designed for Euro and standard size UK pallets.</p>

Sack Trucks

<p>Sack trucks are very beneficial for moving heavy goods from one location to another in an easy way. Ideal for most businesses and industries.</p>

Platform Trolleys & Trucks

<p>Platform trolleys and trucks lighten the load of transporting heavy loads from one location to another. By eliminating the need for manual handing, trucks and trolleys reduce injury risks, save time and eases workloads.</p>

Warehouse Trolleys

<p>Warehouse trolleys streamline warehouse and distribution processes by making light work of moving and transferring stock, materials and waste.</p>

Container Trucks

<p>Container trucks are plastic containers with wheels that can be easily moved as and when required.</p> <p>More commonly used by bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants to clear away empty bottles, they can also be used in commercial and industrial environments.</p>

Hygienic Trucks and Trolleys

<p>Ideal for use in the healthcare, food service and retail industries, hygienic trucks and trolleys provide versatile and flexible transport for a variety of goods and materials. With easy clean surfaces across the entire range, these trucks and trolleys help you maintain a high level of hygiene in the workplace. <br></p><p>Choose from stainless steel, galvanised or chrome plated wire constructed trucks and trolleys. </p>

Laboratory Trolleys

<p>Our range of lab trolleys are ideal for transporting materials in laboratories. They are easy to clean, helping you maintain a high level of hygiene. Choose from stainless steel, wire and plastic trolleys.</p>

Workshop Trolleys

<p>Workshop trolleys enable businesses to keep tools and equipment organised, accessible and secure. A structured and well managed workshop saves time, money and increases workshop efficiency and productivity.</p>

Proplaz Trolleys

<p>Proplaz trolleys are constructed from reinforced polypropylene shelves. They are lightweight, hygienic and easy to clean. Ideal for warehouses, offices, workshops and laboratories.</p>

Office & Retail Trolleys

<p>Manually handling activities can be repetitive and hazardous. Using trolleys in the workplace to move heavy loads can relieve some of the physical stresses employees face and reduce their workloads. </p>

Dollies & Skates

<p>Dollies and Skates are essential for transporting heavy loads with ease and efficiency in a variety of workplace environments. They are are indispensable for industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and construction, as they help to streamline operations and minimise the risk of injuries associated with manual lifting and carrying.</p>

Specialist Handling

<p>Operating and managing a safe and efficient workplace can be a real challenge for businesses. Our diverse specialist handing equipment can help to resolve problematic materials handling issues and maintain operational efficiency.</p>


<p>Suitable for use in commercial, industrial and domestic environments, wheelbarrows provide sturdy and versatile transport for nearly anything. </p><p>Choose from heavy duty, large, plastic, wheelbarrow and rough terrain models.</p>